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Free yourself from glasses with LASIK refractive surgery

The Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano is the first eye clinic in Southwestern Colombia to offer the latest technology available on the market that allows laser vision correction.

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LASIK is an outpatient surgical procedure used to treat nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and presbyopia now. Through the LASIK procedure, the ophthalmologists of Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano use microsurgical instrument laser beam to reshape the cornea and improve the way the eye focuses light rays onto the retina.

In Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano we have an exclusive area designed to perform diagnostic tests prior to laser refractive surgery under the responsibility and seriousness of ophthalmologists subspecialists of Cornea and Refractive Surgery. These tests are:

  • Corneal topography
  • pachymetry
  • Contrast sensitivity
  • Anterior Segment Photography

We purchased the American manufacturing equipment brand AMO / VISX S4 with Iris Registration with Wavefront technology (Wave Front) approved by the FDA and used exclusively in the Air Force pilots in the United States and the NASA astronauts.

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It is important for each patient to have an appointment with the eye doctor to determine if is a good candidate for refractive surgery and what are the benefits that he or she get as well as information about the surgical procedure and the subsequent recommendations.

More Information (Download PDF brochure)