Our Philosophy

espanol portada filosofiamision We are a medical organization committed to the way you see the world, how you feel in it and how you perceive the things that you value actually.


With its own philosophy that characterizes every member of the organization, we convey to each of our users the value and importance of generating the highest levels of reliability and preference. Institutional Values

RESPECT Act with honesty, responsibility and scientific expertise in the care provided.

EQUITY Provide access to all users with the same technical and human qualities they require.

SERVICE Providing satisfaction and effectively overcoming the expectations of users, with a philosophy of continuous improvement.

RELIABILITY Since several years ago, we pursue total quality as a concept applies to all our services, processes and systems.  Corporate Objectives

  • Achieving accreditation of our institution through the Quality Assurance System
  • Achieve excellence in the attention and provision of our Services
  • Maintaining leadership in the provision of specialized services on Regional Ophthalmology.

Quality Policy

Provide comprehensive services in the specialty of Ophthalmology, guaranteeing scientific-technical and human quality and exceeding the service expectations of our users.

Ensure a process of continuous improvement of our services, based on the system of Quality Assurance professionals with technical and human quality, increasing each time the user satisfaction.

Patient Safety Policy
Our organization implements and develops reliable practical actions that promote patient safety and their families in the care process, proving that our priority is their welfare.