espanolMeet some testimonials from people who trusted the services and care of the Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano. Right now they fully recovered in the precious sense of sight and improved their quality of life.





 Alina Conde  

Carmen Susana Nicola.


Procedure: hyperopia.


I want to just to said thank you God and thanks to the Dr. Felipe Vejarano, because I can see very well and thanks to knowledge and skills, he found an emergency problem in both eyes. I was diagnosed with detachment of retina. He referred to me with Doctor Navarro and I had the laser, following by the Presbicia surgery, with Dr. Felipe Vejarano and having amazing results and improvement my quality of life. Now, After one month I felt blessed and I just can reaffirm the gratitude and wish God bless Dr. Felipe Vejarano and all the team from the Fundacion Oftalmologica Vejarano.

  Julian Eduardo Mosquera Muñoz

My name is Julian Eduardo Munoz Mosquera, I was was operated by crosslinking in the right eye. Before entering the operating room I felt a bit of anxiety, although it had been explained to me how the procedure was, I was worried about feeling something, but once it started I felt calmed and there was no discomfort at all. I received so much attention from Dr. Felipe Vejarano and the nursing staff, it was excellent and made me feel great.

VIVIANA BETANCOURT P. Administrative Assistant 30 years  

Having had the opportunity to have my surgery in The Vejarano Foundation with Dr. Luis Felipe vejarano, was one of the best experiences of my life, and thanks to it I got rid of the annoying and uncomfortable glasses, and also regained my self-esteem, because now I feel and look younger.


When I was a teenager I began to wear glasses, at age 20 I used contact lenses but didn’t tolerated them. My problem was myopic astigmatism and my vision was very blurry, so I decided to have surgery. Refractive surgery has been an experience that changed my life, now I have perfect vision and I can set the color of the leaves on the trees and the smallest details of flowers. I got rid of the glasses and it is the best thing that ever happened to me, it certainly is like waking to a new world.


My name is Elvira Lemos Victoria I am 26 years old and am patient of Dr Felipe Vejarano in the Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano.

Once attended by the Dr. I was diagnosed hyperopia and astigmatism in both eyes. Thanks to his professional advice and the ethical and human quality I decided to have the Lasik surgery in January 2007, with excellent results that changed my life.

I reaffirm my deep gratitude, and only wish that God still retains its capabilities to all who need it.


I was diagnosed with keratoconus in both eyes at 17 years, ever since I wore hard contacts for 8 years, until Dr. Felipe Vejarano operated my corneas with implanted Ferrara rings. My quality of life improved substantially since I take away the torture of wearing contact lenses.

Now, the same doctor made the Crosslinking procedure and although at first it feels like your vision doesn’t improve, with proper care and days after the visual improvement is evident.

Thank you very much to the Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano and Dr. Felipe for bringing hope to those who could not find some time out to overcome this disease.