On this page will find all the information regarding the users of the services of the Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano. For our institution is important that users understand that both their rights and their duties are focused on your fundamentals well, and enjoying privileges and can not be overlooked, also should be aware that there are certain obligations that must comply. the Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano works to provide services of excellent technical and human quality to our users, this requires users to actively participate through knowledge of their rights and duties.

Patient Rights

  • A free choice of health professionals, as well as health institutions to provide it the required attention and that are part of the available network and contracted.
  • To be attended by skilled and ethical professional staff and to enjoy a full communication with them, appropriate to their psychological and cultural conditions that allow you to get all the necessary information regarding the care provided.
  • To respect the willingness to participate or not in research by scientifically qualified personnel, provided that it has learned about the objectives, methods, potential benefits, risks and the discomfort that the investigative process may involve.
  • To have the possibility of getting a second opinion qualified medical condition.

Duties of Patients

  • Provide comprehensive care for your health and that of their community.

  • Affiliated with their families to the general system of social health insurance.
  • Arrive at the scheduled time, making mandatory payments that may be required.
  • Update information recorded in the database and report the news when necessary (death, disability, loss of student quality, economic independence, enforcement of the age limit set by law and others that affect the quality of the affiliate).
  • Dealing with human dignity to the attending staff and respect the complexity of other patients in care.


Remember that you have the support of the Association of Users Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano. USERS ASSOCIATION REPRESENTATIVE RUBIELA RUIZ QUINA – MERCHANT BETTY GARCES AHUMADA – USED

Download statutes Users Association Fundación Oftalmológica Vejarano

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